This Sunday: Luke’s Gospel “Promise and Presence”

Since September of 2020, we have been dealing with the theme of God’s Promise and Presence. Beginning in 2021, we have begun to study the Gospel of Luke using the same theme. Luke explains how Jesus fulfills God’s promises from the Old Testament and he also explains how God is present to us in the person of Jesus.

For the next few weeks, here are the lessons from the Gospel of Luke:

January 24: Luke 5:1-11, Jesus calls Simon Peter to ‘fish for people.’

January 31: Luke 6:1-16, Healing on the Sabbath. Note: Adjourned Congregational Meeting is that day. To attend in person, bring a bag lunch. To attend by Zoom, send a message to the pastor at

February 7: Luke 7:1-17. Jesus raising the Dead.

February 14: Luke 9:51-62. Jesus Transfigured.

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Featured Image: Raphael. Public Domain.

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