Sunday, August 16 Begins Four-Part Series on the Lord’s Prayer

Dear friends and members of Emmanuel Church, 

Tomorrow begins a four week series on prayer, specifically, the Lord’s Prayer.  I will be preaching on the shorter version of the Lord’s Prayer, as found in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 11:2-4.  If you’d like to compare Luke’s version with the more familiar version we know in Matthew, turn to Matthew 6:9-13.  I will be preaching on prayer until September 4, 2020.  

Please join us online as we are streaming.  Or remember that we are open with masks and social distancing.  

Reminder if you are uncomfortable about coming back to worship, if you are sick or have immune system issues, we understand.  Please stay home and do not feel obligated. 

Stay tuned to our website and to your emails and we will update you as things change.  

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Joseph

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash

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