March 12, 2020 — Weekly Update


“Emmanuel’s 200th Anniversary Year!”

Dear Friends and Members of Emmanuel Church, 

It’s a sunny Thursday morning on God’s hill!

Important Note About Coronavirus:
We have been watching the news and I’ve been following the PA department of health information about the Coronavirus.   So far, there have been no local cases and the department is not recommending social isolation (staying home) for everyone.  So, until further notice, we are planning to worship/do Bible Study and so on as normal. 

That being said, if you do not feel comfortable coming or are sick or have an underlying health problem which concerns you –PLEASE STAY HOME.  If you only want to come to worship and leave quickly, that is fine too.  Use your best judgement for you.  If you do not desire to stay for the coffee hour, we totally understand.  You can always call the pastor and let him know about your plans.  If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Sunday’s worship will be the Noisy Collection.  The sermon will be in the Mark series, Mark 12:1-17: The parable of the evil tenants.  The sermon is entitled, “Crime Doesn’t Pay.”  

At 3 p.m., on March 15, we will celebrate a milestone for one of our local families:  Ryan Lucas‘ ordination in the sanctuary.  After the service, Ryan and Emmanuel Church invite you to stick around for a celebratory reception.  Ryan has been called as the settled pastor at First Church, Ebensburg, and South Church.  

Ryan Lucas

Grace and Peace,


Pastor Joseph

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