Weekly Update — Confirmation Sunday

Dear Members and Friends of Emmanuel Church,

It is almost Pentecost on God’s hill!

Pentecost is the festival which celebrates God sending the Holy Spirit onto the disciples in Jerusalem.  It is through the Spirit that God continues to be present with us in our everyday world.

Symbols for Pentecost include: fire, flame, the color red, a dove, or hand descending from heaven.

Pentecost is also the traditional time in the church year for Confirmation and Communion.  In 2019, three young women will dedicate their lives to living as disciples this Sunday: Katie Brian, Tressa Clark, and Elizabeth Hedden.  You are invited to incorporate the color red into your outfit for Sunday, as well.

After the service, you are invited to share in the celebration over in the Steele building with a cookout.  Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided.  Bring a side-dish to pass.

    Our June Newsletter is now live over at the webpage.  You can head on over there to get an electronic copy or you can pick up one from the church office/during Sunday worship.

As our friend and one-time interim pastor, Richard Seigfried, says, “See you in church.”

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joseph

3 great lovesVacation Bible School–June 24-27, 2019

This year’s theme for Vacation Bible school is “Three Great Loves,” which is the UCC’s theme:  Love for neighbor, Love for Children, Love for Creation.

On Monday, June 24th–we will meet at Redstone Highlands and share love of our neighbors.  Meet at the Parking Lot of Redstone at 5:30 p.m.

On Tuesday, June 25th–Hill’s VBS will help out at Salem Serves from 4 to 6 p.m.

On Wednesday, we will meet at Hill’s from 6 to 8  and work with All But Furgotten Animal Shelter.

On Thursday, we will meet at the church from 6-8 to make butterfly houses and humming bird feeders.  We will finish with a cookout.

To register, talk to Heather Clark.

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