Update from Christian Education

Hi Hills’ Parents!

I am starting something new! I am sending out a weekly email for parents of youth. These emails will include:

-The story we learned
-bible verses we are memorizing
-the values from 10-10-10 we discussed
-the handout pdf

I will include one more tool in these emails: A link to a video for the kids to either use in review or to use when they miss Sunday. This video will be of me teaching the lesson virtually to them. It will also include any songs that we are learning. Pastor recorded a couple for me with him singing and playing guitar. You may use this video or you can just teach the lesson in your own way with the information detailed in the text of my emails.

These videos will be released on Sundays.

HOWEVER, I have just sent out my first email with my very first virtual lesson. If you would like to be on this mailing list please send an email to tristajlucas@gmail.com with the subject: ADD ME and in the body please tell me who you are (because sometimes I can’t tell from your email address).


T.j. Lucas

Director of Christian Education

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