New Episode of Hill’s Church News!

Hi Hills!

The kids recorded their second edition of our news. I had some technical difficulties so I was unable to include our clip about what the children learned last week.

Last week, it was children’s Sabbath. We discussed how Jesus had a special place in His heart for children. He taught that we should have faith like children. I asked the kids to describe God to me. They answered with things like, “God loves me”, “God is everywhere”, “God makes me happy”, “I pray to God at night”, “God goes with me to school”, etc. Ask an adult to describe God and you won’t get such sweet, beautiful and innocent little answers. Though it is key to facilitate critical thinking in our children and even challenge our faith at times, we need to be rooted in Jesus’ teachings and one of those is for us to remember from time to time to just allow ourselves to be as blissful and in love with God as a child.

Also, next Sunday’s news will be a special report on our Halloween Party! I have a bunch of fun videos and interviews from Saturday’s event and I will compile that for next week. With that being said, I will tell you what the kids learned today in this post as well.

Today I unveiled a new curriculum I will be working with. It is centered around material supporting the Jesus Storybook Bible. Pastor and I will be collaborating to integrate ideas he has for a sermon series that he will start sometime after Christmas. Just to get us ready for the celebration of Christ’s birth and get us familiar with this text and materials, we will start working with this curriculum now and after Christmas time, my lessons with the children will incorporate some of the things that pastor is preaching in his sermon series to the adults. My hopes are that families take advantage of this design and have meaningful discussions with your kids over dinner or before bedtime. I will also have handouts to send home and I may find a way to utilize our website in sharing our lessons. You will have to stay tuned to see what happens! It will be fun! The kids really enjoyed the unveiling of our curriculum and our first animated story from this bible!

And now the highlight of my post….our kids, our news!

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