Hill’s Church News Presented by the Youth

Hi Hills!

We are starting a fun project with the youth. We have started our own “news channel” for the church. The youth will be in charge of reporting the good news at Hill’s!  This Sunday is our first broadcast! This is a pilot version of our news and does not include all of the things we plan to include in future episodes.

Reasons we are doing this:

  • It is something fun and important for the youth to do!
  • It will help promote church events
  • Delivering the news in video format will keep people informed and reinforce what is said in announcements.
  • It will give us a better online presence.
  • We will add special segments such as “Who’s in the Pews” so we can get to know each other better and for fun, interviews, church tours, special reports from the pastor, “Spotlight on Youth” so we can keep up with the activities the children are in and more.

Because we know not everyone will want to be on video, we are going to do “Who’s in the Pews” in the church bulletin too! Check the Christian Education section of the bulletin to play our version of Guess Who?

Below is the link to the first episode of our news! It will also be shown during worship.

If you have anything for our next recording, suggestions for improvements or ideas for special segments please speak with Trista or Pastor.

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