Breaking News–Hill’s Church to have guest speaker on March 2, 2014–Darren Miller

Transfiguration Sunday
With Special Guest Darren Miller, Murrysville “Ocean’s Seven” Swimmer

March 2, 2014
10:15 a.m.–Communion worship with Darren Miller bringing the message.

“Darren Miller has always been a firm believer that charity should play an important role in everyone’s life and that helping those who are less fortunate is not an option, but a necessity. As a result of these beliefs, Darren, along with Cathy Cartieri Mehl and their families, established Team Forever and the “Forever Fund” in December 2009. This foundation is dedicated to the memory of Mehl’s father, Anthony Frank Cartieri, and aids families in their struggle to afford the small costs associated with caring for their child in the infant cardiothoracic unit of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.” From Darren Miller’s Website.

You will hear how you can help out with this important project for children’s health, as well as share in the Lord’s Supper. This Sunday!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joseph

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