Weekly Update–November 7, 2013

Good morning friends and members of Emmanuel Church,

gm250This Sunday we will be joined by missionary Zoltan Szucs, who will be bringing us greetings from the Global Ministries of the United Church of Christ as well as the Reformed Church in Hungary, where he and his wife serve.  He will bring the message at the 10:15 service.

After worship, Pastor Szucs will be around to talk about how you can support his ministry and we will be having a covered dish in the Steele Building.  I hope you will join us for lunch!

More information about Global Ministries and the Szucs family here: http://vimeo.com/17523461

Sunday night is a seminar in Greensburg, First Reformed Church on Finding Your Missing Link.  I will be offering a seminar on how to build a church webpage.  There will be other seminars on making a Facebook page for your church; online giving; music; David Ackerman’s new book on preaching; and Sunday School.  Our confirmation class will be going–we will meet at the church at 3:30 pm. and return to the church about 8:45.  For more information on the seminar, click here: https://www.facebook.com/events/246247332189676/?ref=22

Next week:  Monday–Choir at 7; Tuesday–Bible Study at 10 a.m. & Music Practice at 7 p.m.; Wednesday–Consistory is at 7 p.m.; Sunday–November 17–we will have music leadership by our in-house band for worship.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joseph

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