Weekly Update–“September 6, 2013”

Good morning friends and members of Emmanuel Church,philemon

Sunday worship will be focused around the short New Testament book that the Apostle Paul wrote to Philemon.  The sermon title is “Where the rubber meets the road.”

After worship eligible youth (suggested age 11) will meet with the pastor and our Christian Education director, Trista Lucas, to go over a proposed schedule and intro to the rite of Confirmation.  Confirmation is the time whereby children determine their devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ and decide to become his disciples.

Next week:  Choir Practice Resumes Monday at 7 p.m.; Tuesday is Worship Committee at 9 a.m. with Bible Study at 10 a.m.; Wednesday the 11th is Consistory at 7 p.m.; Friday is the Pirates baseball game.

Tickets are on sale now for our Invitational Event.  6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 18th at Hoss’ Restaurant, Murrysville.  For the tired and over-worked of us, the theme is “Taking Back Your Family’s Schedule.”  The program will give you tips on how to get your spiritual center in the midst of our fast paced life.  Tips and solutions will apply to all families, with children, without children, grandparents, and so on. Price is 30 dollars for two tickets, includes the evening meal and program.  Contact the pastor to get your tickets!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joseph

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