Weekly Message–March 8, 2013

woolGood morning friends and members of Emmanuel Reformed Church,

We’ve had an unusual week, to say the least, with the mid-week storm and the warming temperatures. Perhaps now we are back on some sort of track.

Sunday is an exciting time in the life of the church. The service has been planned and will be implemented by our young adults–with Multi-sensory worship experiences, guitar songs, and a special song written for just this occasion by Shawn Hanks! The theme is “The Lost Sheep” from Luke 15. I hope you plan on joining us.

Sunday after worship is the Program Committee meeting in the pastor’s office. And from 2-4, the Westmoreland Cluster Choir of UCC Churches is practicing their (our?) Music Cantata for Wednesday, March 20th. If you would like to sing, come along! You do not have to be a regular member of the choir or of the churches involved.

Next Week: Monday is Choir, Tuesday is Consistory (note date change), Wednesday is our second to last Cluster Service (at Denmark Manor), Thursday is Bell Choir.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joseph

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