In Memoriam–Mary M. Cline, 1924-2013.

Dear Friends and Members of Hills Church,

Please remember the family of Mary Cline in your prayers this week. Mary passed away at home on Sunday morning after a lengthy illness. Her funeral was Wednesday morning at Lindsay Funeral Home, Harrison City.
The obituary notice can be found here:

O Lord, our God! You give life to us human beings and then you take it back again. For a while you hide it in the secret of death, to bring it back renewed and purified in eternal life. Look at us and hear our prayer! Let our shock, our fear, and our grief be gathered up in your peace. Gather all our thoughts up in understanding the good you will for us. Teach us to consider that we must die and until we do, let us be thankful for the hope that does not come to shame and will never disappoint us. All of this we ask you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.— a prayer written by Swiss pastor, Karl Barth.

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