Weekly Update–“December 28, 2012”

Good day friends and members of Emmanuel Church,

First, a note about the weather.  If we have bad weather on Sunday and you feel you cannot make it to worship, please be safe.  That is our #1 priority–your safety and well being.  So, prayers from us to you.

Second, this Sunday’s sermon is: God’s Mileage Marker and is about the 12 year old Jesus with the teachers in the Temple from Luke 2:41-52.

Our schedule is in waiting over the holiday week.  We will be in the office Monday, Wednesday through Friday.

We will continue our Christmas celebrations throughout the next couple of weeks, ending with Epiphany worship–when the Wise Men arrived–on January 6th.  We will celebrate communion, have our January birthdays and have a covered dish after worship on the 6th.

Thanks for your participation in the Christmas season here at Emmanuel Church!

Blessings, ArtBook__034_034__BoyJesusInTheTemple____-1


Pastor Joseph

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