Our Church Transformed

The church recently has undergone some very much needed changes to better accommodate our growing youth. Here are some photos and descriptions….

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Three rooms transformed for our three main age groups:

0-3 Nursery

There is not a before photo provided for the nursery. This room was the main room to teach ALL ages. It had a large table taking up half of the room. Our youth quickly outgrew this room and so changes were needed to better accommodate older kids. This room is now strictly for children too young for formal lessons and for mothers feeding their infants. (The room has a speaker where you can still listen to the sermon)

3-9 School Aged

The room that we transformed for this age group is the Recreational Room. The recreational room is a three-part room that once had a large table and book shelf on one side, a tv/couch area in the middle and air hockey/ping pong on the end. The air hockey table and ping pong table will be relocated. The children in this age group played too rough with these games. Instead, we made a play area with age-appropriate toys. The middle of the large room remains an entertainment area for family movie nights! And the other end was transformed into a more formal classroom setting.

9+ Preteen/Teen

The room for this age group never existed as a room for youth before. It was once known as the bride’s room where brides would change for their weddings. It was also used for storage. We made this room better suited for our older group of children (we left the large mirror so brides may still use it). In this room they can learn their lessons, work on the computer to start their own church newsletter and fellowship after their work is done with the entertainment area (equipped with bean bag chairs, flat screen TV and a Wii gaming system (prescreened games only)).

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  1. Nice job!

  2. Love your transformation Trista!

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