Food Allergy Walk

Food allergies are nothing to take lightly. Our own pastor’s children have food allergies and they must be very careful about what they eat everyday and every where! Eric Carroll (son of Donna Carroll and grandson of Bertha King) is another one of our church members with a food allergy and it is dangerous for him to eat at most restaurants because of how easily food can be contaminated. He is allergic to shellfish and if he eats something that has any contact whatsoever with shellfish, he could die. That might be something as innocent as someone forgetting to change their gloves after handling crab meat and then handling something else in the kitchen that ends up coming in contact with his food.

He is participating again this year in the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network’s (FAAN) Walk for Food Allergy and could really use your help and support! Please consider helping him reach his goal to raise funds to find a cure for food allergies and to educate others. Read more about it here.


Eric Carroll is an exceptional blogger so please check out his  website too! He is funny, intellectual and creative. There is something on there everyone can enjoy. I personally like his posts about how he “is not McDonalds”.

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