America’s Got Culture


August 20-22

6 to 9 pm

Cost: Free!

Ages: 0-17

(children 3 and under may leave early but all other children are asked to stay the entire time)

VBS Part I in June was entitled Jesus Around the World. We are building on what children learned then with VBS Part II this month which is entitled America’s Got Culture. Children will learn about Africa on Monday and Native Americans on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday we will discuss America today–God’s melting pot of cultures.

We will encourage children to embrace their own heritage through a show-and-tell during our closing ceremony. Also, we will include a little talent show with the heritage show-and-tell so anyone of any age that has a talent that they would like to share with the kids, please let me know!

Please email me if you would like to register for VBS or perform at the talent show Wednesday August 22nd! To register: I need your name, your phone number, your email  and the name and ages of the children who will be participating. To sign up for the talent show: I need your name, age, email and talent.


Please consider participating and help spread the word! Thank you!

Brightest Blessings,

Trista J. Lucas

Christian Education Director

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