A Little Youth News

Hello friends,

I am on a mission to explore different ways I can upcycle in my home and I want to share my findings with the kids in different projects. What is upcycling? It is like a do-it-yourself form of recycling. Instead of shipping off unwanted recyclable materials to a recycling plant, you can re-purpose these items into a better product.

For example, I need a bathroom rug but have yet to find one that I like (and doesn’t cost a small fortune). Online I found that I could upcycle old towels to make a bathroom rug! I just cut the towels into strips and tied them onto some rug mesh I cut to the size and shape I wanted. Hello new luxurious bathroom rug!

I have some very special projects in mind for the kids so please save and donate these items:

cereal boxes
toilet paper rolls
paper towel rolls
“soup” cans (all sizes, please wash)
scrap fabric
scrapbook paper
paper grocery bags
Other news:
This upcoming Sunday I will be doing the Children’s Message during the Sunday service. My message has something to do with flour, water, lemon juice and salt. For a hint, take a look at Jeremiah 18.
VBS News:
Vacation Bible School Part I in June was entitled “Culture Shock: Jesus Around the World.” We are building on those lessons for VBS Part II entitled “America’s Got Culture.” We are going to discuss Native American culture and the melting pot that the US became as people began to settle in the new world. We are also going to have the children reflect on their own heritage. We have some exciting plans for VBS Part II so keep your eyes pealed and ears perked up for updates!
Brightest Blessings,
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