Sermon of March 25–“Worship Wonders”

Sunday’s sermon came from a lot of different sources. The story itself is from 2 Kings 22; the story of the Prophet Huldah.

Second, there’s a significant section in this sermon about the book of Deuteronomy which we recently studied in Bible Study.

Third, of course, much of this sermon came out of the love and care shown to us by our Sunday School teachers, mentors, parents and so on throughout the years. On a personal note: My own great-grandmother, Effie Mae Stoltz, served the Lord by being a missionary to the Seneca Indians and the image to the right is of a privately published book about her life.

Click here: Worship Wonders for the sermon.

2 responses to “Sermon of March 25–“Worship Wonders””

  1. shirley london

    I really enjoyed listening to your sermon

  2. Thanks Shirley! Good to hear from you!

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