Thursday Morning Update–October 27

Good morning friends of Emmanuel Church,

Tomorrow night at 7 p.m. is an all-ages Halloween Party at the Church. Everyone
is invited. We will begin with a short lesson in the sanctuary, then move on to
games and snacks, end with apple bobbing. Everyone is invited to dress up for
the costume parade and we need 3 judges to help judge the parade–If you can
help out in this area, please contact me (412)-956-5252. We will end at 8:30.

Sunday at 10:15 is Reformation Day worship–the sermon is based on Isaiah
Chapter 6 and is called “How to get the most out of worshiping God.” I will try
and answer some questions such as “What is a Kyrie?” and “Who wrote the
Apostles’ Creed?” (Trick Question).

Sunday evening is Emmanuel’s Emergent Experience–“Life-Con: Creating Living
Icons.” In the spirit of All Saint’s Day, which is November first, we will be
remembering the faithful departed–this is a meaningful service of remembrance
and everyone is invited to bring a photo or symbol which reminds you of your
loved one. We will then create a “Living Icon” and have a candlelight
procession to the cemetery. At the end of the service, you will be able to take
your items home again. The service starts at 6:30; coffee and fellowship is at

Next week is Bible Study on Tuesday morning. Communion on the first Sunday in
November as well as collection for the Food Bank.

If you would like to have a name or concern added to the prayer list, please contact myself or Linda


Holy God, meet us here in our hearts and homes as we mourn those who have died: sons and daughters mothers and fathers siblings and grandparents relatives and friends at the same time celebrating new birth among us children and grandchildren siblings and friends. Holy God of wind and fire; Rush through our hearts today. Holy God of earthquakes and illness; Share our tears of sadness and pain. Holy God of creation and new beginnings; Show us again your vision of healing and wholeness. Amen.
–Prayer by Katherine Hawker (alt.), for All Saints Day

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