Sermon of September 11–“When Moses Led . . .”

Charlton Heston (as Moses) wax sculpture photographed by Lorien Javier. Used by permission.
Many folks know the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. And a lot of us know it from the movie “The Ten Commandments” or from a children’s Bible. But do we really know the story as well as we think we do? I ran into a few complications in writing this sermon because Moses, as the Bible portrays him, does not seem to be the movie hero type. Instead, he’s wavering, reluctant, and unsure of himself. The story of the Red Sea, and of the Exodus in general, is more about God’s character, than about Moses. (You can read the Bible account of the Crossing of the Red Sea in Exodus 14:19-31.) More on this subject, here, in this week’s sermon: When Moses Led

Above photo is from Flickr.

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