Sermon of July 10

“Esau: Like you but with poor impulse control”

I’m not an economist–but I am very interested in the psychology of money and resources. I’ve discovered in my ministry that the key is not how many resources a ministry has but what kind of theology leads you to use the resources. The United States in the late 20th/Early 21st Century is enormously resource rich; yet what does the Christian church have to show for living in such an economically robust time? Real church attendance is down to historically low levels. Despite all our Christian radio stations, advertising, Christian bookstores, Evangelism programs and any other number of things we’ve poured our money into, the Christian Church is the U.S. is reaching less people than ever. (Sally Morganthaler makes this argument in her very challenging book, Worship Evangelism).

So, my sermon this Sunday was about the choice we have between being the Church of Esau–richly resourced but spiritually empty–verses the Church of Jacob–a church that is constantly changing and off guard. Genesis 25 and the relationship between these scrapping twins is tough to preach on and I’d like to hear what you think:

Esau, like you but with poor impulse control

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