“Sundaes on Sunday”

July 11

August 8

August 22



Beat the summer heat by coming to one of three “Sundaes On Sunday” Events!!  Following worship on each of these three dates a lite luncheon and ice cream will be provided for you to meet with Pastor Joseph and to get to know him (and each other) better.

July 11—we will be discussing Hills Church and do some historical reflections on important Hills Church celebrations and events.  All you need to do is bring your memory!

August 8—Pastor Joseph will be showing some slides of his time in Germany as a pastor from 2003-2004.  He was exchange pastor for an 8,000 member church in Hennef, Germany.  Come and hear how different religious life is in modern Germany compared to the U.S.

August 22—Pastor Joseph will lead a Bible Study/presentation on the Church community interacting with its neighborhood.  This will incorporate a Bible Study but also things he learned from pasturing a downtown church for 13 years.

Put these on your calendar now and feel free to drop in at any one, two, or all three of these special presentations.  Friends and family, visitors and non-members are also welcome.

For questions, call the Pastor at 412-956-5252.

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