Good Morning,  

Pastor Joseph and I had a wonderful transition day yesterday.  He is ready and capable to be your pastor.  I noticed that he has a wonderful mind and you will appreciate that after me.  I hope all of you are looking forward to worship on Sunday.  Give him a good welcome.  

Last Sunday was awesome!  What a wonderful retirement party.  Thank you for your well wishes, your gifts, hugs and your attendance.  Eileen and I plan to use the $1,000 for excursions in Hawaii, so each day we will be thinking about you with gratitude.   

It is time for me to begin working on that “to do list”.  So this will be my last Thursday morning letter as your Pastor.  Take good care of Pastor Joseph, he is a winner.  

Thank you for a wonderful and meaningful four years.  May God bless you as you serve our Lord Jesus, the Christ.  

God bless,  

Dick Seigfried

One response to “Transition”

  1. Pastor Dick,
    It’s been a great pleasure knowing and worshiping with you! I hope to see you many times in the future. Have fun in Hawaii!

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