Hill’s Church to Celebrate Traditional Germany Holiday of Saint Martin’s Day on November 17

Emmanuel Reformed Church of the United Church of Christ (Hill’s Church) will be celebrating an all-ages German festival of St. Martin. St. Martin’s Day is observed in some parts of Germany as the beginning of the holiday season and tells the story of Medieval St. Martin who shared his possessions with the poor on a cold night.
To remember the charity of St. Martin, children and adults are invited to Hill’s Church to eat German food and sweets, sip hot chocolate, and make brightly colored lanterns to light up the dark night sky. St. Martin himself will make an appearance and offer pony rides for the children. The event begins at Hill’s Church, 3618 Hill’s Church Road, at 6 p.m.

St. Martin’s Coat of Arms. Public Domain.

“My family and I learned about the tradition of St. Martin during our year long visit to Germany in 2004,” says Joseph Hedden, Hill’s Church’s pastor. “It is a real community event of food and family and the children always like the craft and pony rides. Hot chocolate and German sausages are also pretty nice on a cold November evening.”
St. Martin, a Roman Soldier in the 4th Century, was riding his horse on a dark, snowy night when he passed a beggar wearing rags. Martin took his sword, cut his cape in two and gave half to the poor man. St. Martin’s Day celebrates this good deed of St. Martin in food, song, and story. All are welcome to share in this special event. For more information, call the church at 724-327-3050.

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